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Shoppers won't bye GMOs

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European shoppers express distrust of GM foods
ENDS Daily - 23/02/99
Some 61% of European consumers would prefer not buy
genetically modified (GM) foods, according to a survey of
shopping habits published by international real estate
consultants Healey and Baker yesterday.  Resistance appears
to be highest in Italy, where 79% of respondents said they
tried to avoid GM foods, and lowest in the Netherlands
(47%).  The survey, which was carried out in eight EU
countries plus the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, also
found widespread interest in organic fruit and vegetables.
Overall, 57% of respondents said they would prefer to buy
organic produce, although Healey and Baker cautioned that
this figure should be treated with caution as definitions
differed from country to country, and the concept was
relatively new in central and eastern Europe.  Healey and
Baker has done a survey of British shopping habits for the
past four years, but this was the first to look at the
European picture.  It was carried out in autumn 1998, among
just over 6,700 people.

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