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Re: colloquium in Belgium on SEEDS

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> Hello,
> as a member of Genet, I have tried to reach, through email, some people
> a colloquium on seeds in Belgium on 15 & 16 oct. 1999 . I sent several
> times an email
> to the people listed below, (except for Mr. Pat Mooney and Mr. Rifkin)
> I got 
> no reply at all. 
> Could anybody of you do somenthing about it ? Do you have
> of
> these people ? 
> It would be with a great pleasure to me if you could help !
> This is a part of the email I sent :
> as chairman of a workgroup for a sustainable agriculture (WERVEL) I
> committed myself to act in favour of a more ecological and biological
> agriculture, worldwide. 
> As you may know, here in Europe, the European Commission gave, just
> recently, the permission for commercial release of genetic modified seeds
> (if I am
> well informed). With our workgroup WERVEL (which exists 10 years in '99)
> plan toorganise a 2-days colloquium on 'seeds'. This will be held on the
> & 16 oct 1999 in Antwerp, Belgium. We organise this together with the
> University of Louvain
> (KUL) and Gent  (RUG) with a lot of NGO-organisations, with a
> high school of Antwerp and with the cultural organisation Lodewijk De
> The 16th of october is worldfoodday. It is an ideal day to unite
> and women, consumers, thirdworldorganisations, the peacemovement and
> environment groups around 'food' : food for everybody and
> This is what WERVEL 
> is always trying to do, i.e  bringing  people together with different
> views from different disciplines around one central theme.
> Now it is on seeds. Seeds are determining the cultivations and as a
> consequence also what kind of culture. We think in a first phase to give
> forum to the farmermen and women (worldwide) and the consumers. Who are
> decisionmakers on the seeds, scientists, industry , the authorities ?
> Scientific people will be the listeners and can react later on. 
> In a second phase we plan to debate on the pro/contra of genetic
> engineering and are tackling parts of it in workgroups. 
> Besides scientists, we do seek farmermen and women from the South to come
> to this colloquium too.
> Therefore we kindly invite you to participate to this colloquium. It
> be nice if you could bring some farmer-people with you , if possible.
> Although the ideas of the colloquium are not yet finalised, we let you
> the date already in case you might be interested  and because we know
> your
> agenda is always a very thight scheduled one. 
> Can you let us know by email if you are interested in ?
> Thank you very much in advance,
> on behalf of WERVEL,
> 		civil engineer Dirk  Beel
> 		chairman of WERVEL
> 		boardmember of NCOS, Flanders, Belgium
> : Dr. Gani Serrano
> 			          Act. president Philipine Rural Reconstruction 
> 			          Movement (P.R.R.M.)
>   :           dr. Mae Wan Ho
>  :   dr. Vandan Shiva
> :      dr. Epstein
>  :     Pat Roy Mooney ; Mr Rifkin
> Dirk  Beel
> Klijtenstraat 34
> 8700 Tielt
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