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7-Misc: Monsanto was fined in UK for inadequate safety measures in GE rape seed trial

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17th February 1999. For immediate release.
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The Lincolnshire Court case against Frankenstein food company Monsanto, today, highlighted the inadequacies of GM field trial safety, says the Green Party.  Monsanto was fined 17,000, and contractor Perifield was fined 14,000 (sharing 11,159.18 costs) after pleading guilty of not maintaining a 6 metre safety margin around a GM crop of winter oil seed rape. However, as rape relies on bees for pollination, a 6 metre fringe would obviously do little to stop this crop mixing with non-perverted crops for miles around.  One of the key environmental concerns over field trials has always been the risk of cross-pollination. Trial crops grown, and found to produce unforeseeable and potentially dangerous results could be destroyed, but not before the perverted genes have already found their way into the wider environment, causing untold and irreversible damage.  Green Party Principal Speaker, Dr Mike Woodin, said today: 'The 6 metre safety margin stipulated in the regulations covering!
 GM crop trials is clearly inadequate. We call, yet again, on Tony Blair to stop this project in its tracks, right now, and ban the imports of all foods containing GMOs.'

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