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February 18th 1999


Greenpeace today was on its way to Liverpool docks to try and stop yet 
another massive import of GE soya getting into the country and into 
up to 60% of our processed foods.

The police in vans and helicopter surrounded a group of Greenpeace 
volunteers in a service station in the middle of the night and have 
now impounded four Greenpeace inflatable boats. Clearly the 
Government doesn't want people to demonstrate their opposition to 
this gene food flooding into the country.  The fact is that t y don't 
want people to know that it is happening.

That is why Greenpeace delivered four tonnes of genetically engineered 
soya beans to Tony Blair at Downing Street this morning.  This is one 
of the few addresses in the country where the occupant has actually 
said that he wants to eat this stuff.

Seven Greenpeace volunteers were arrested at Downing Street and the police
took a large quantity of organic fruit and vegetables into custody.  
Clearly this natural, organic food posed a serious threat to national 
security - or anyhow to Tony Blair's peace of mind - because it shows 
there is a healthy and natural future. 

Genetically engineered food must be banned.  The future is true, organic food 
and that is what the British people clearly want.

Greenpeace is calling on anyone who can to go to Liverpool Docks now 
and help us stop this.  Given the overwhelming public support, 
together we can win this battle.

For further information contact the Greenpeace Press Office 
on 0171 865 8255/6/7/8 or 0171 865 8285 or

Stills and footage are available on request

Thomas Schweiger
EU GMO Advisor
Greenpeace International European Unit
37, Rue de la Tourelle
B-1040 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-280 14 00
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