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CAP reform: about the report of Court of Auditors

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PRESS RELEASE					Brussels, 17 February 1999

Agenda 2000 Negotiations - the report of the Court of Auditors

Are the Agriculture Council and the European Summit going to ignore the
Court of Auditors' deep-reaching criticisms ? (98/C-401/01-22/12/98)

The Court of Auditors pinpointed a certain number of contradictions and
risks implicit in the CAP reform proposal. The CPE considers its warnings to
be justified.
These warnings should not be lost from view in the struggle to reconcile
contradictory national interests. The CPE asks the Council to address them
as part of the negotiations.

A reminder of some of the most important points:-

· The risky gamble on finding outlets abroad may cost the European taxpayer
dearly (items 82-83). Crises or uncertainties regarding foreign markets
could cost up to 1.4 billion Euros (item 13) more than the Commission's
proposal, which itself already costs much more than the existing Common
Agricultural Policy.

· The Court notes that 4% of farms receive 40% of the direct aids and that
the ceiling proposal would hardly change this situation. It suggests more
decisive modulation to benefit small farms (items 87-21 to 27).

· The Commission's proposals barely touch on problems such as the
environment, the impact of the CAP on consumers and decentralization. (item
84-53 to 56). There is little evidence that consumers have benefited
(through price decreases) from the 1992 reform. (item 9).

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