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2-Plants: Alternatives to genetic engineering in breeding

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A project looking to the future of plant breeding without genetic
engineering is detailed in a recently published discussion paper:
"Sustainable Organic Plant Breeding". This document (80 pages) can be
downloaded from Ifgene web site at

or details for ordering the hard copy can be obtained from the Louis Bolk
Institute, Driebergen, Netherlands at

The publication will primarily interest people with a professional 
in plant breeding, but its comparison and discussion of traditional versus
laboratory plant breeding methods (including glossary) could prove useful
to many peoplwill b.

A quote from the document's introduction:
"The general principles of organic farming will be translated to 
for organic breeding. In this paper, we will assess all the available
methods of plant breeding (crossing and selection techniques, DNA
recombinant and marker techniques and tissue culture) against the
background of organic farming principles.
The organic sector's objections to genetic modification will be explained.
We hope that the statements and views presented in this paper will 
the social and scientific discussions on the desirability and feasibility
of a sustainable and GMO-free production chain."

Posted by David Heaf (Ifgene UK)

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