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3-Food: Dr. Pusztai vindicated (3) - Chronology

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GUARDIAN 12/02/1999 P6 


November 1995: Pusztai/ Rowett research begins
December 1996: Dr Pusztai warns Ministry of Agriculture in writing to 
"have proper experiments" on GM maize. "Do not leave it to chance." 
March 1997: Tony Blair asks Prof James to draw up FSA blueprint. 
January 1998: Dr Pusztai expresses concern on BBC about weakened immune 
systems in rats fed GM potatoes. 
April 1998: World in Action asks Pusztai/Rowett for interview on GM 
potato research. 
April 1998: Dr Pusztai tells government inspectors about preliminary 
April 1998: Annual Rowett staff meeting; senior management told of 
preliminary results 
May 1998: World in Action informs Monsanto of intended programme. Company 
seeks more information on content of Pusztai interview. 
June 1998: Government inspectors' report criticises Rowett Institute but 
praises Dr Pusztai's department. 
June 1998: Additional funding to continue Pusztai research denied by 
Scottish Office and by Rowett Institute (CHK). 
August 10, 1998: World in Action film broadcast. Dr Pusztai says he would 
not eat GM potatoes. Prof James issues press release praising Dr Pusztai. 
August 11, 1998: Demand in Commons for moratorium on GM food sales. Prof 
James issues second press release backing Dr Pusztai. 
August 12, 1998: Prof James suspends Dr Pusztai, announces emergency 
audit of his research and regrets release of "misleading information". 
August 14, 1998: Monsanto attacks World in Action and Dr Pusztai. 
August 21, 1998: Audit report completed by Rowett. 
October 21, 1998: Government announces one year moratorium. Government 
sets up cabinet committee on bio-techonology and GM foods.(CHK) 
October 1998: Stanley Ewen completes rat stomach analysis. Identifies 
further organ damage in rats. 
October 1998: Dr Pusztai reconfirms original findings in reply to audit 
October 28, 1998: Audit report released. Clears Dr Pusztai of fraud but 
says his findings are not supported by the data. Prof James tells Lords 
that Dr Pusztai "exonerated". 
February 4, 1999: Government food safety committee asks Dr Ewen for 
research details. 
February 14, 1999: Bio-safety convention begins in Cartagena, Colombia. 

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