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6-Genetech §§: Public hearing in South African Parliament on GE

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TITLE:  Public hearing in South African Parliament on GE
SOURCE: sent by Mariam Mayet, South Africa,
DATE:   August 26, 1999

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Public hearings on the impact of genetically modified food on the
South African environment are to be held in Parliament in the
near future. This was announced this week by the chair of the
National Assembly's Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs
and Tourism chairperson Gwen Mahlangu. Her announcement followed
a call for hearings on genetic engineering at a meeting of the
committee by the ANC's Jean Benjamin. She was supported by the
Democratic Party's EK Moorcroft who said the agriculture
committee should also be involved as genetically modified food
impacted on agriculture as well. Mahlangu, who said she had
already raised the issue with Environment Affairs Minister Valli
Moosa, then proposed that the two committees should have joint
hearings on the issue. No date for hearings has been set yet.

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