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2-Plants: Brazilian authorities burnt down AgrEvo's HR rice

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TITLE:  Genetically engineered rice set to burn by CTNBio order
SOURCE: Gazeta Mercantil, by Mauro Zanatta
DATE:   April 20, 1999

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Genetically engineered rice set to burn by CTNBio order

For the  first time since it was created in January 1995, the National Biosecurity  Technical Committee (CTNBio) determined the destruction of  genetically  altered plants. CTNBio ordered that crops containing herbicide-resistant  transgenic rice experiments be burned, kept in conjunction by the Rio Grande do Sul company Irga and the multinational AgrEvo do Brasil. The measure is expected to be published Tuesday in the Diario Oficial (equivalent to the US Federal Register). The experiment, located in Irga headquarters, in the town of Cachoeirinha, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul - in Greater Porto Alegre -, covers a total of 1,225 square meters and will be set on fire for not having attended the compulsory biosecurity additional measures,' according to Carlos Rodrigues Borges Neto, agronomist engineer of the CTNBio responsible for auditing. The plantation of transgenic goods will be drained, collected and burnt.


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