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2-Plants: Agricultural Ministry in Brazil calls for end of GE seed production

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TITLE:  Agriculture specialists request suspension of transgenic
        seed production
SOURCE: Gazeta Mercantil, Brazil
        by Mauro Zanatta and Katia Guimaraes
DATE:   April 16, 1999

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Agriculture specialists request suspension of transgenic seed production

The Agriculture Ministry is requesting a complete suspension of all tests on the production of genetically engineered seeds in Brazil and is accusing the National Biosecurity Technical Committee (CTNBio), responsible for authorizing the tests, of disrespecting seed production and agrotoxic use norms. In a document, Agriculture Ministry specialists admit to having neither
control over transgenic crops nor the capacity to inspect them. The technical body of the Agriculture Ministry also confirmed that fiscal agents from state police stations - as well as members of CTNBio itself - have already 'detected irregularities' in crops, but that no measure had been taken due to a lack of rules set out and auditing proceedings. According to decree 1.752, the organ responsible for the definition of auditing mechanisms is the CTNBio, and not the ministry.


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