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7-Misc.: Revolving doors spin again - Monsanto joins Clintons adviser team

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TITLE:  Ashcroft may be in Clinton's camp on trade
SOURCE: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, USA
DATE:   April 18, 1999

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Ashcroft may be in Clinton's camp on trade

Given all the nasty things Sen. John Ashcroft has had to say about President Bill Clinton, it's hard to think of him as a Clinton adviser. That's what the Ashcroft press release says, however, announcing Ashcroft's appointment to a two-year term on the President's Export Council. In an interview, Ashcroft was at pains to note that his appointment comes from Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and not from Clinton himself. He's one of 10 congressional representatives named to two-year terms on the 44-member body that brings together public and private sector leaders to promote expanding U.S. exports.

Trade is one area where he and Clinton read off the same page, Ashcroft said. He sees his new position as a chance to promote the export of everything from F-15 fighter jets to Missouri soybeans. He particularly singled out what he sees as the need to combat "the very aggressive discrimination" by Europe against the high-tech genetically modified agricultural products that have been pioneered by Monsanto Co. What about criticism that not enough is known about the new gene technology? Not to worry, Ashcroft said: "It's been good for the environment and good for our farmers, and now we need to make it good for us in trade, too." On that score he'll no doubt turn to another newly named member of the export council: Arnold W. Donald, president of the Nutrition & Consumer Sector at Monsanto and a leader in the Life Sciences Business Team that Monsanto has formed to spearhead its drive to global dominance in advanced agricultural technology.



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