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7-Misc: New searchable GE list archive server available

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TITLE:   New searchable GE list archive server available
SOURCE:  Werner Reisberger,
DATE:    April 13, 1999


Dear GENET-news reader,

in February, Werner Reisberger offered GENET to archive the GENET-news mails in a searchable archive. All GENET-news sent after February 13 are stored automatically on his web page. Recently, Werner has announced the reorganization of his archives:


There is a new searchable GE list archive server available:


At the moment it has the same archives as on but you can access them much faster. Many people may didn't use the archives on because it's sometimes too slow. Although the connection of to the internet is such slow there has been an average of 16,000 page hits per month. I expect that more people will visit the new site at 

The following lists are archived:

gentech   -> unmoderated list about all aspects of genetic
             engineering (english, archived since 1995, approx.
             350 members)

snowball  -> moderated list about GE, focus on resistance to GE
             and GE (genetics) in agriculture (english, archived
             since 1998)

genet     -> moderated list about GE, information exchange among
             european NGO's and grassroot groups (english,
             archived since 1998)

genesis   -> unmoderated list, focus on gene food, GE in
             agriculture, german situation (german, archived 
             since 1997, ca. 120 members)

genpost   -> moderated list from the german association "Gen-
             ethisches Netzwerk", focus on GE in Agriculture
             (german, archived since 1998) still works but will soon forward all requests to the new, faster site

I would appreciate any suggestions and help to improve the web pages. Due to time restrictions I wasn't able to give the pages a good look. I am also definitely not good in the area of web design.

The database of german releases is currently not working at the new site. I am going to implement a new web interface to a database about releases of GMO's in Europe and USA.




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