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3-Gentech-§§: Qatar to push for law on genetically modified food

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TITLE:  Qatar to push for law on genetically modified food
SOURCE: Middle East News Items
DATE:   April 13, 1999


According to Qatari press reports, Qatar is to raise the issue of genetically engineered food at the next meeting of the technical committee of the Gulf Standards Organization. Being a frontier area, the Gulf countries, as indeed most other countries in the world, are yet to evolve a policy on genetically engineered food, which many consider is a serious health hazard. At the moment, Qatar has a "very strict" labeling policy on food articles, explained Dr. Abdullah al-Hamaq, assistant director of Doha Municipality, in charge for food safety. The label is supposed to display the item's date of manufacture, its expiry, and list all the ingredients. Dr. Hamaq said it was about time the Gulf countries also had a law on handling genetically engineered food.


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