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Questions on GE for Euro-candidates

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The elections for the European Parliament are in 8 weeks time. The new MEPs will have to deal with many key issues on genetic engineering. Here is a list of simple and helpful questions you could put to them!

Suggested Questions on Genetic Engineering for Euro-candidates
1. Do you support a ban/freeze/moratorium on the release of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) into the environment?

2. Would you support a permanent ban on those GMOs which interfere with the natural ecology by transferring genes or cross-breeding? 

3. Would you support international action to stop the use of "terminator technology" which uses genetic manipulation to produce sterile seeds?

4. Would you support moves to eliminate the use of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistance in plant breeding?

5. Do you agree that there is insufficient knowledge about the safety of using GMOs in food production to justify putting GM food products on the market? 

6. If not, do you agree that all GM food should be clearly labelled based on the method of production (genetic engineering) rather than on apparent differences in the end product?

7. Do you think that the genetic manipulation of animals is acceptable?

8. Do you agree that people who produce GMOs should be directly liable for any damage caused to the environment or to human health? Should they be required to take out liability insurance?

9. Do you agree that living things (plants, animals, humans and their genetic material) should not be patentable?

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