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7-Misc: Broad support for full moratorium in the Netherlands

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TITLE:   Broad support for full moratorium in the Netherlands
SOURCE:  Dutch Platform on Genetechnologies
         Wytze de Lange
DATE:    April 13, 1999

A petition in the Netherlands, asking for a full moratorium on cultivation(including field trials)  and imports of GE seeds, plants, feeds, and food products is getting BROAD support in a very short time.

All environmental organisations, NOVIB, the biggest development organisation, the Dutch Association of Housewifes, the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, consumer organisations, (except for the Consumer Union, which  asks for a moratorium only on cultivation). The Dutch Platform on Genetechnologies, and many, many other groups signed the petition which was presented to MP Dik Stellingwerf today on a press conference.

Stellingwerf is from a small christian party which asks for a moratorium also. Tomorrow two committees from Parliament will discuss 50 questions on GE with the Ministers of Health and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. More about that tomorrow. Stellingwerf responded by saying he would present a copy of the petition to all MPs.

The position of the Government in its response before the petitionnews was very much pro-genetech. The position of Parliament will become more clear tomorrow.


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