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Novel food-Zeneca tomato

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The UK advisory committee report is on website

They recommend approval for processed tomatoes because the antibiotic-resistant marker gene, (for neomycin and kanamycin) is degraded by heat-treatment. The application excludes the marketing of raw/unprocessed tomatoes.
This is a Novel Food Regulation dossier and as far as I know, there have been no objections under this legislation from other member states, but there is a parallel application under 90/220 for cultivation in Spain, which has been contested and  is one of the four dossiers currently blocked in the Commission and due for consideration by the Council sometime (slowed down by politically expedient translation delays, I am told!)

 The problem of antibiotic-resistance is not just a question of whether it passes directly into the human gut by eating the product, but should include a wider assessment of the use of antibiotics themselves in the product development. Apparently the Commission Scientific Committee on Food is to issue a report shortly on the use of antibiotics in agriculture.

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