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7-Misc: Spanish farmers call for GE plant and food moratorium

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March 22, 1999
By David Brough

LISBON, March 22 (Reuters) - Leading Spanish farmers' group COAG is 
for a moratorium on genetically modified (GM) planting and foods until 
possible health risks are fully investigated, a spokesman said on Monday. 
"We need to know what we are planting and consuming," Lluis Nomen, COAG's 
chief environment spokesman, told Reuters in a telephone interview from 
Reus in northeastern Spain. He said COAG, a national body representing 
200,000 Spanish farmers, was demanding a moratorium on using GM organisms 
in planting and foodstuffs until scientists had completed investigations 
into possible health risks. "We want to be sure that scientific research 
is made public and that farmers and consumers are informed," he said.

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